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The Sierra Meat Company Most Innovative Cervena Recipe: Roasted Venison Loin with Juniper Berry Crust, Salsify, Savoy Cabbage, Smoked Bacon Jus

This award winning recipes comes from talented chef Ryan de Leon.

Grilled Cervena Venison Flank Steak, Salad of Summer Nectarines and Belgian Endive, Toasted Pistachios and Rosemary-Honey Vinaigrette

 A great warm weather dish

Roasted Loin of Venison with Eggplant and Garam Masala Confit

Presented by Chef Shawn McLain at the International Pinot Noir Festival.

Cervena Tapas, risotto cakes and red pepper oil

The Duncan & Co. Best Cervena Appetizer Award

Rare roasted Venison with Beetroot and Garlic Salad

Tender venison mixed with succulent slow roasted beetroot and a tangy tomato sauce creates a delicious summer lunch.