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Cervena With Baharat Rub and Cauliflower Tabouleh

Tender leg medallions servd with a fresh cauliflower Tabouleh

Venison Osso Bucco, slow braised in apple juice with shallots and steamed kumara with lemon, parsley & caper butter

This is a truly unforgettable, rich and comforting meal that will satisfy the most hearty of appetites to the most refined and discerning palates. The key to a successful dish here is patience….a long slow cooking process will allow the prominent  connective tissue to dissolve and create that lip smacking sauce that makes you want to sink back in your chair and slowly savour.

Roasted NZ Venison with Baba Ghanoush, Aubergine-Cumin Relish & Quinoa Flatbread


Al Brown's Seared Cervena® Venison Salad and Pinot Noir Syrup

Al Brown, a long-time fan of Cervena venison served this dish at the Wellington on a Plate Master Class, Augst 2011.  

Sugar Cured Cervena Venison

Impress your guests with delicious Asian inspired starters